Friday, 13 June 2014

Aspiring Fashion Photographer Cansu O

Today I am Introducing you to a dreamer, a photographer and occasionally a model 
She's from London, UK and even though she's still 16 years old but she can take photos that will take your breath away and keep you inspired!

so here's a little interview with the beautiful and very talented Cansu Ozkaraca

How long have you been doing photography?
I have been doing photography for 2 years now, I began taking pictures in September 2012, which is crazy to even think about since I was only 14 when I knew that photography was my ultimate passion.

What type of camera do you use? 
I use shoot digital by using my Canon 550D, but my ideal camera would need to have a full frame, so preferably the 5D Mark II or III.

Do you prefer natural light or flash? 
I’m a lover of natural light, flash seems too artificial to me. But, I will certainly experiment with flash photography and artificial light in the future, I must master natural light first.

Self portraits or models? 
Models are perfect for when I shoot fashion, but I’m managing a 52 week project this year so I’m finding self portraiture to be very calming and therapeutic.

Can you name your favorite model? 
My favourite model that I always work with has to be Georgina Walker. I don’t even refer to her as a ‘model’ when I talk about her because she has become such a good friend of mine; we’re always so quick with planning wonderful shoots together (we already have prepared shoots for this summer). She is extremely talented especially when it comes to blogging and we both share a strong passion towards art, so it’s always fun working with her - we just get along so well. 

How do you feel about cropping images? 
Social media can really force us to crop images which means that specific details are not always visible. For instance, on apps like Instagram I get so frustrated at times when I have no choice but to crop my fashion shots. I mean, who wants to put black borders around their photos all the time just so Instagram can fit your picture in? I don’t want my fashion work looking like film stills all the time. Plus, its a photo-sharing app so photos shouldn't be cropped into squares...

If you can photograph anything in the world what would it be?
A close friend of mine lives in America, and makes me jealous with all the locations he takes photos in. I’d love see those parts of America, the locations are gorgeous for certain shoots I've always had in mind!

What inspires you the most?
The whole process of photography, really. It just allows all emotions from the subject to flow right across to the viewer.
But, I mainly source inspiration from my surroundings. This includes work by other photographers, fashion trends, magazines, books, people, nature and music.

Did photography change you? Your vision? The way you see the world?
I certainly think that photography has changed me in a good way. It has allowed me to recognize all the beauty in the world - only photographers will understand this. Even at times when I don’t carry my camera with me, I end up wanting to photograph small details and things I see around me; my eyes have almost become like a camera constantly recognizing ‘photographable’ moments. I don’t think I want to ever leave photography, my vision has been altered in a way that I have to just look forward now and work on being successful. There’s no turning back.

If you had magical powers, what kind of pictures would you be taking?
I love underwater photography, it’s absolutely magical. So I would love the ability to breathe underwater, this way I can easily discover techniques since underwater photography is difficult.

If your life was turned into a movie what kind would it be? How long would it last? And who's going to play your character?
I don’t think my life is particularly interesting to be turned into a film, I like to be ordinary at times and blend in with everyone around me. I hate being the centre of attention. As long as the people I love are around me and I’m doing what I love, then life is good.

How do people describe you?
My friends always describe me as sassy(?)

Name photographers that inspire you the most.
Julia Trotti, Laura Marii, and Hana Haley (known as Honeyuck) are most likely to always be my favourite photographers.
Although, I’m inspired a hell lot by my amazing friends from the Let’s Get Creative 2014 group.

you can find Cansu on Flickr  -- Tumblr   -- Instagram -- Facebook Page  -- Blog 

you can also Email her for any inquiries at

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