Thursday, 3 March 2016

How to create a photo header for your blog

Hello everyone!

Today I decided to spice up my blog and give it a little face lift and share it with you!

so let's get started!

First things first :

if you're not a graphic designer and don't want to pay someone to create a header for you then you can find lots of free alternatives online.
there are templates, photos, designs, illustrations and fonts that are available for your use for free!
all you have to do is link to the person who created them and you're pretty much done!

for my header I used . after surfing the website for a little while I decided that I wanted to use this Vector 

so basically you have to have Adobe Illustrator which you can download from here .

- Start by opening a new file with these dimensions I chose 1100xp X 300px and you'll get something like this

- Next step is go to File > Open> (choose your Vector). it will load up in another tap.
-Now choose the part of the vector that you like, for me it was the flower. so, I selected it by clicking on it twice. it will look like this so don't be scared (I was) 

-While it's still selected go to Edit > Copy . then move to your header page, create a new layer and go to Edit > Paste.

- From here you can pretty much do whatever you want by placing each shape in a different layer. the reason we so this is to have full control over which shape goes where and staking them that way make them look realistic.

-After that you can add the text 

- Make sure you add a new layer for the text. press (I) for the eyedopper tool and click on any part of the photo that you like to color the txt.

- For final touches I used a watercolor splash from this Vector

- Load the Vector in illustrator. click on the rectangle at the middle and delete it. then click on the splash and it will look something like this.

- When it's selected you go to Edit > Copy then back to your Header and click Edit > Paste and then you drag it around anyway you like it.

- As a final touch I added a butterfly from this Vector 

And now to how I added the header to the blog:

you open your blog and you go to Layout > Header 

- You click on Add image then you select your header. 

if the header seems too big there's a simple way to fix it by going to Templates > Customize > Adjust widths.

And that's it! 

Don't forget to check :) 

I really hope you found that useful! for more info don't hesitate to comment or email me at:

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