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Interview with talented Illustrator Danielle Pioli

Hello everyone, today I'm interviewing my first illustrator, Danielle Pioli caught my eye with her beautiful, adorable illustrations so, who is she? 

lets take a closer look 

First, introduce yourself... 
My name is Danielle Pioli, I'm a character designer and illustrator based in Brazil. 
Who inspires you in term of arts in general and illustration?
I can say that animation has been my #1 inspiration for a long time now, but lately I've been finding inspiration in a variety of medias, such as movies in general, classical paintings, music, comics... And also in things that are not about art. Life itself is very inspiring, and I'm a person who questions and pays attention to stuff, so inspiration comes eventually.

What is your favorite style of illustration? 
That's a tough question! I love too many different styles and my favorites keep changing from time to time. I'd say that what really sticks is a cartoony style of characters, environments and props. I love cartoony stuff.

What style of illustration do you find challenging ? 
When it tend to be more realistic is a lot more challenging for me. It requires a lot of practice to do things realistic and visually correct, such as anatomy and lighting for instance.

Name other illustrators you admire... 
There's a whole bunch! It's hard to say, there are old artists like the Disney's 9 old men, very known artists like Loish, Nicolas Marlet and Pascal Campion, fellow artists like Justin Rodrigues, Zac Retz, Amanda McFarlane. The brazilian artist are also extremely talented! Julio Cesar, Limetown Studios, Gabrielle Schauerhuber, Sabrina Eras. I can never think of them when I need. But just go through my Pinterest and you will find all of them around there!

Who are your biggest supporters? 
I can say I have receive a lot of support through my journey. My boyfriend and my family have always supported me and I appreciate that so much!
My audience / tribe also are sweethearts and they often make my day with their support!

What do you enjoy doing other than illustration?
Like I said, I'm a person who questions. I do a lot of research in the subjects that interest me, such as new age spirituality, witchcraft, psychology, wellness and a bunch of other stuff.
I also enjoy being a normal person and binge watching Netflix. 

What are your favorite films/TV shows/ books and musicians that keep you inspired?
I don't know of things that keep me inspired. Inspiration comes to me when I manage to keep myself in a good state of mind. Then it seems like the world opens up to me and I see inspiration in whatever comes.
Animation movies, "the Art of" books, though they can be very inspiring, they can be overwhelming as well. I love them a lot, but sometimes it's too much and get me from inspired to self conscious about my art. Anyway, I love seeing other artist's sketchbooks and all "the Art of" (like I said before).
I get inspired a lot by stories. When I watch something that tells a good story in a very nice way, it turns a switch on inside me and I feel like producing something.
Music is also a good way to get inspired since it's usually relaxing or releasing. But when you get to understand the story behind a certain band, a certain album or a certain song, that's what takes you to the next level, you know?
To name a few things I like and keep me inspired:
Music: Patti Smith, The Beatles, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead.
Tv shows: Game of Thrones, Adventure Time (I watch a whole lot other series, but these ones are inspiring for me in their own way).
Films: I like horror movies and one that opened up a door to me was The Witch. But I love The Lion King and the teachings in Pocahontas are amazing. Series and movies are a hard topic to talk about, I watch and love too many!!

What scares you the most? 
Living a meaningless life. Not doing what I love, not saying what I have to say, not exploring all I have to explore. That shit is scary!

You share a lot of teaching materials, have you ever thought about publishing a book? 
Yes, I have thought about that! I don't feel like I can teach artists anything at all, but I like sharing what I know and how I see things.
The tips I share are stuff that helped me and I hope will help others as well.
Let's see about the book :)

Whats your favorite thing to draw? 
Female characters. I just love the feminine world and all the depths of a woman.

Can you say that you have your own style? and what do you call it? 
I think a style is something you do your way based on all your references. I can't say I have my own style, or that I even want to have. I do different styles from time to time and it's good to be able to vary from one style to another. But I believe that with time we put a bit of ourselves in any style we draw. And I think that is the important thing.

What's the best advice you can give to all the art lovers out there? 
The things you love are the things you should be talking, drawing, writing about. Find what you love to do, to study about, to watch, listen, read about and make your own world with those elements of interest.
Everyone will tell you to practice and that IS important, but also know what you are practicing for.

With the modern day technology and gadgets, what's your favorite drawing related gadget? whats your favorite app or program and have you said good bye to pen and paper? 
I still use pencil and paper a lot. And I also use new technology gadgets like my Wacom Cintiq and Photoshop.
I think it's nice to balance and get to know it all. There are a lot of art materials out there that I haven't touched yet that could be a nice add-on to my art in any mean.

What's your favorite illustration by you? 
Good question. Hard to say but I think it might be my Viking - Shieldmaiden piece.

What's your favorite illustration by someone else ? 
Oh I can't choose one! Don't make me do it! haha
Recently I've been studying Loish work (revisiting it, again and again), and I simply love the "Blossom" one.

Where can we buy your art ? 
This is my international Etsy shop: http://etsy.com/shop/daniellepioliart
And for the brazilian people, this is my brazilian shop: http://daniellepioli.iluria.com

You can find Danielle in her links below:

My website, you can find averything there: http://daniellepioli.com
Instagram: @daniellepioliart - http://www.instagram.com/daniellepioliart
Facebook: Danielle Pioli ART - http://facebook.com/daniellepioli
Periscope: danepioli
Snapchat: danielle.pioli

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