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Joel Robison's Interview

Today's interview is with an amazing talent, I'm so glad I had the opportunity  not only to explore his arts but also to get to know more of his personality :) !

He's the amazing Joel Robison aka( boy_wonder),

Joel lives in Cranbrook,British Columbia, in Canada. It's a small town in the Rocky Mountains. He stumbled across Flickr and saw different people doing different projects and thought it was fun to try it out!

 You can't come across any of Joel's arts and not go in a mental journey through time and space to a magical place where Joel drinks coffee with Kirmet the frog, or walk through a field with giant tea cups and a lot more!!

I think boy_ wonder is the best screen name for Joel because this boy can create wonders!!
Along with this amazing talent Joel happens to be one of the sweetest, nicest internet personalities ever :) !

Let's get to know Joel a bit more through this interview!

When was the first time you started taking photos?

Aside from a short course I took in high school, the first time I really became involved in the process of taking photos would be around 2008, I discovered Flickr and was intrigued by the amazing art that was being created.

What kind of camera do you use? and what kind of camera do you wish you had?

I have an older Canon Xti, it's still a beautiful camera and it's served me well for the last couple of years. I would love to have a Canon Mark ii, I would love to be able to shoot video!

Your images happen to have a kind of dreamy, fairytale feel to them! What do you so to stay inspired?

I stay inspired by allowing my mind to wander and explore. I like to think of a specific topic, idea or theme and then let my mind wash over it a few times to see what kind of images come to front.

Who was your biggest supporter when it comes to photography and life in general?

I'm lucky to have a lot of support in my life, both from online communities as well as in my "real" life. My partner Scott is a huge supporter of my work and supports me in everything that I do. My parents have also always encouraged me to do whatever it is that makes me the happiest and they are endlessly supportive of my photography and crazy adventures :)

What type of photography do you find challenging?

I think landscape photography is tricky because I'm so used to having a concept behind a photo that I can't seem to find the focal point of a landscape to shoot it. I've tried and I like what I took but it doesn't feel like me so I don't shoot them often.

Do you go for photoshoots by yourself or do you like company?

I tend to do my photoshoots alone; I like the time alone to process my ideas and to take the time to get what I want. When I shoot with someone else I find myself a bit distracted and I feel a bit rushed and I usually end up forgetting something or not getting everything that I wanted.

Name 3 things that are photography related that you can't live without.

My tripod

My remote control

My photo journal, where I write down my ideas.

Name photographers that you admire.

The list is constantly growing but a few photographers that I admire include:  Rodney Smith, Annie Leibovitz, Brooke Shaden, David Talley, and so many others.

What photoshop tool you think people use too much?

Hmm....I'm not a huge fan of selective colour, like when a photo is in black and white except for one just seems strange to me!

If you could give one advice to an aspiring photographer, what would it be?

Learn everything that your camera does and how you can change the settings depending on the photos that you want to take and the environment that you're in. Take pictures of everything and try new things to develop your style.

Can you recommend a website that teaches photoshop other than your awsome blog :)?
Well, I learned a lot from
deviantart as well as psdtuts and Phlearn

What is your favourite photo you have ever taken?
I think this is my favourite

Do you prefer outdoor photography or indoor?

I love outdoor photography because I love lots of space in my work, I love showcasing the beauty of nature and I love that there are endless locations to shoot in!

What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid?

I would always answer that question with "an animator at Disney". Clearly that didn't happen :)

Anything new coming up?

I have a HUGE project about to start with a big company, I can't say too much until I sign the contract but I'm very excited about the opportunity.

Why do you think people are so into self portraits? And how do you feel about people that think it's just narcissistic?

I think that self-portraiture is one of the best ways to express yourself through art. It's such a beautiful way to show your feelings, emotions, thoughts, fears or ideas. I've had comments about it being narcissistic but I think that it's not about looking at yourself, it's about using yourself as a tool to express yourself. Using yourself as a model is a perfect opportunity to learn photography and how to shoot in different settings, to try new things and to keep growing.

Have you ever consider creating a series?

I've tried in the past to create small series of images, I tend to start them and then forget about them!

What is beauty to you?

Beauty to me is anything or anyone being completely natural. Just being alive and embracing life.

tell me something might shock me about you?, I don't drive.

what scares you the most?

I think what truly scares me is not having enough time in my life to do all the things that I want to do.

If you could create the perfect camera what features would it have?

Ooooh.....wireless connection to my computer, voice controls, a coffee maker!

Is fame important to you?

Not at all, feeling happy with the work that I create is the more important.

Is there a photo you regret posting online?

I don't think that I regret posting any photos but there are certainly photos that I look at and feel that they don't best represent my ideas or abilities. I think that with a 365 project and the time constraints of a project like that there are going to be days where you rush a bit and there are a few photos that I feel I could have done something better with.

In your early years as a photographer, what were the mistakes you made a lot?

I think over-editing, adding too much to an image instead of leaving it alone.

What was your favorite game, toy as a kid?

I had a lot of Lego, but I think my favourite thing to do as a kid was draw.

What was the best location you've ever shot in?

Hmm.....I think that one of my favourite places that I've taken photos in but haven't done conceptual photos in would be the Lake Louise area in Banff National Park. It's a beautiful park in the Rocky Mountains and it's just filled with glaciers and lakes and so much beauty.

Name people you enjoy working with

Well, I generally work alone :)

Name other photographers you wish to work with.

I would love to work with Brooke Shaden, Brad Wagner, David Talley, and so many other artists!

Have you ever had an idea for a shoot and you never made it?

oh yes, I have a journal that I am constantly writing ideas down. If I end up doing the idea I draw over it with yellow highlighter, but there are a lot of ideas that I have yet to do.

Do you like using accessories in your shoots (wigs, costumes, hats)? If you do, can you tell us where do you get them from?

Sometimes I use props. I usually find them from one of three sources:  I make them myself, I buy them from a second hand store, or I borrow them from the theatre department at the school that I work at :)

Links you should know:
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