Wednesday, 11 January 2012


As usual I bring you the latest, coolest and most interesting things that are out there to help you be even cooler! And this month I found every photographer's must have!!

It's real, it's out there, it's free and it's called Phlearn!

I feel a bit upset that I didn't know about Phlearn earlier now that I'm hooked I feel that I missed a lot!

What is Phlearn?

It's the internet's only daily photoshop and photography TV show! It was suggested to me by a photographer a while ago and I can't stop watching it!

What you can find on Phlearn?

You can find lessons on photography, photoshop and life in general!

Everyday there is a new topic to discuss and get everyone to interact , from what kind of camera works for you to the kind of gadgets you can use to help with photoshop to photoshpping a hair bow or how to deal with photo thieves ! Whatever comes to mind is here!

The president of Phlearn

Phlearn’s Owner and Creative Director, Aaron Nace, who also happens to host Phlearn mixes his humor, knowledge and some rapping skills to bring you 10 to 20 minutes of fun, entertainment and most importantly tons of useful information on photography and photoshop!

Aaron is so devoted to Phlearn that he spends over 100+ hours /week on Phlearn and a little more on twitter to answer people's questions! All of that and a lot more to try and change the world to a better place through photography!

If you contact Aaron he will reply right away and he is more than happy to answer any of your questions!

Why Phlearn is not just  a website

Phlearn is a community! And once you join the "Phamily" I can assure you will love every moment of it! I joined the Phamily a while ago just so I can make a comment on a video I liked and I was shocked of the amount of people that were answering my questions even before Aaron!

Another great thing about Phlearn is the Monday contest!

Every Monday Aaron posts a contest and the winner wins a Phlearn Pro " and that is a 3 hour long video with extensive photoshopping"!

I participated on 4 maybe 5 contests and I won only once, however each time I posted an image I had at least 3 comment from members of the community telling me what they like about my work and what the things that I can do to make it even better!

Why Phlearn is good for you

Being a do it yourselfer I taught myself everything I know about photoshop but I came to a state where I felt I should seek help!

Looking for online tutorials can be a pain! You can find some on youtube that is too complicated or just boring!!

And you can post a question and not get an answer! I personally posted a question on a tutorial on youtube two years ago and still no reply!

On Phlearn this is not the case! If Aaron didn't respond to you himself other people will! And sometimes there are just members of the community who are happy to help!!

So if you love photography and you want to learn a lot check this out! And if you don't like it I guaranteed you will!

Trust me!

Links you should know!

you can follow Aaron on twitter @aknacer

you can follow phlearn on twitter @phlearn

Don't forget me guys!!

Follow me on twitter @lady0reem

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