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Aspiring photographer Håvard Hole interview!

I found Håvard Hole's stream on flickr late last year and fell in love with his work!
he seemed to put  a lot into his photography that in my opinion a lot of his photographs seems to tell a story or just look like a screen shot from a movie starring him!

 Håvard Hole lives in Norway and made his Flickr account in December 2009.
he bought his first SLR in march 2008, and one and a half year later he decided to start a 365. In the beginning the 365 was of boring and random things in his room. Now his favourite thing is to portrait emotions and take pictures that can tell stories, but he also enjoys many other types of photography. As he is done with his 365, he started up a 52 weeks project which you can follow on his stream on Flickr.

after contacting Håvard I was able to ask him some questions about his photography and his life in general!

let's get a closer look,

introduce yourself,

- For those who doesn't know, my name is Håvard Hole and I live in Norway where I also was born. I work as a swim coach for those young, fun kids and I go to school studying Media and Communication.

What is your favourite style of photography?

- My favourite style of photography is hard to name. I have two styles of photography that could be my favourite style. First the creative and surrealistic thingy where I can edit and give my fantasy no bounds to follow. I really like just getting an idea I like, and doing the best of it because I know that no matter how non-realistic it would be, it would be great as a photograph. And second the emotional and expressive portraits in black and white with a good spoken body language. It is not hard to tell why I like that style so much: it is so expressive, and a great way to tell stories. Although I like to work with my creativity and making expressive photos, I also enjoy genres like landscape and nature and normal portraits just because they could be so beautiful to look at.

Where do you hope to go with your photography?

- My dream must be to go so far with photography that I could live on doing what I love. And since it is a dream, I am totally going to chase it.

Name other photographers you admire.

- I really admire Joel, or boy_wonder on Flickr. He has such a creative mind, and almost always a thought behind his photographs. I also do like Brooke Shaden and Sarolta Bán.

who are your biggest supporters?

- Must be my mom and dad. I just told them I was thinking about studying abroad when I am done at school in one and a half year, and the first thing they wondered was where. They didn't wanted it to be too far away so that they could visit me often!

What are some of your favourite films, books and musicians that keep you inspired?

- Those all usual questions are always the hardest. I really like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies a lot, I think they are funny, but the fourth one was a bit overkill. They should have stopped on number three. I think they may be a bit inspirational as well, mainly because of Johnny Depp. The world is becoming a smaller place, but you should still chase your dreams. When it comes to books I mainly reads fantasy books, like Eragon or Harry Potter, and I think I don't even have to say why they inspired me. Such amazing stories. Music is like whatever, but I do like bands like Kings of Leon and Coldplay.

you're doing an amazing job both in front and behind the camera, would you be interested in modelling or acting?

- First of all, thank you. Well, modelling wouldn't be to bad, but I'm not much of an actor when it comes to open my mouth saying my lines. If I ever was given the opportunity though, I think I would give it a try.

how do you respond to people who think that self portraits as narcissistic

- I laugh. For me self portraits it's mostly just a perfect way to express my feelings and let go of toughs flying around in my head. My self portraits for others is supposed to tell a story, or make the audience stop a little and start thinking. It is not about me needed attention.

what is your definition of beauty?

- Not only what can be seen, but also what can be told. Stories are often the most beautiful part with other human beings.

if you could create the perfect camera what features would it have?

- Then I would create a camera that told the photographer how good the pictures turns out does not falls on the camera, but on the photographer.

what is you favourite location to shoot in and why?

- My favourite location must be behind my house, as on the picture below. It just has this most beautiful little pathway, and it is just out my backdoor and there I have so many great locations.

Do you like answering questions regarding your photography or do you like to keep your secrets to yourself  ?

-  I don't mind at all. Actually I just find it awesome that someone asks me about it and that someone wants to know what I do and why I do it!

Unlike other photographers you take a lot of photos in black and white, why is that?

 - Yeah, I do. I don't know quite why. I think it is because when I turn a photo into black and white, it could be so more expressive than with colours. I like making impressions with emotions and body language in photographs. The best photos that can ever be made are photos that can tell a story, or at least make the people who sees it to start thinking about "what happened here?" or "why is it like that?". Black and white just makes photos even more expressive.

what is your favourite photo taken by another photographer?

- Oh, I have so many I just can't chose. There are so many stunning photographers around the world that to chose a favourite photo would be impossible for me.

what is your favourite photo taken by you?

- I hate choosing, but it must be the four photos below. As said, hate to chose, but as you can see, most of the images are photographs that together with their title can tell a story.

Do you think its hard to be unique and have your own style in photography? how do you manage to stay creative?

- No, I really don't think it is hard. Beings inspired by many different photographers makes you turn all the inspiration into something new that is made by you. Some photos may look like something done before by others, but you'll always have your own little twist on it. My creativity goes a lot up and down, so I have no key on how to stay forever creative. It just comes and goes for me.

is fame important to you?

- I think it is for most people doing photography or other types of art. It is not like I need to be world famous, though it would be great, all I actually want for my work is to get some attention around it so that I could get some feedback that people like my work or that they relate to my photos.

any new project you're working on?

- Actually, I just bought a book with 150 project for arts/photography students, and as soon as I am done with my 52-weeks project I was thinking about starting a project from that book.

Is there a photo you regret posting online?

- No, not yet. :)

how do you respond to other people stealing your photographs?

- Well, f**k them. I try to respond in a grown-up and professional way of act, telling them that they can't use my photos without permissions, but it is hard since I hate people taking without giving credit.

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