Thursday, 27 November 2014

Interview with James of Irisism Photography

Beautiful dreams of light and shadows and more light

James is a young dreamer, creative and visual artist also known as Irisism Photography

When did you find your way towards photography?

Around seven years ago, I got a Nikon D40 for Christmas, and I absolutely loved it! I've been taking photos ever since.

What is your ideal camera.

My ideal camera is the Canon 5D mark iii, which is what I am currently using.

Do you prefer natural light ?

I much prefer natural light, the only time I like to have a lighting set up is indoors.

Indoors or outdoors

While I do shoot both indoors and outdoors, I usually prefer outdoors!

Do you enjoy self portraits?

I enjoy self portraits to an extent, but I often only do them because I don't have a model on hand.

What do you look for in a model?

I look for someone who is willing to do just about anything, regardless of how weird it is.

Describe your favorite image taken by you and an image taken by another photographer

One of my favorite photos I've done is the 100th photo of my 365 challenge. It's called "Forest of Clocks" and is a re-imagined version of a photo I did a couple years ago. There's a bunch of giant stopwatches floating around as I'm reaching up to grab one.

One of my favorite images by another photographer is Joel Robison's "Sunday Rituals." His hand is delicately balancing a teacup with one finger as a floating teapot pours tea in.

If you could be anything other than a photographer what would you be?

I would probably want to be an American Sign Language interpreter.

Did photography affect your style?

If you mean the way I dress and present myself, then definitely. Taking photos really makes you conscious of what someone is wearing, including what you personally are wearing.

If you can photograph anyone or anything who / what would it be?

If I could photography anything, I would take photos of people interacting with the most exotic animals in mystical environments.

What inspires you the most?

Music inspires me a lot. I'm often inspired by people and events that happen in my life that I want to express through photography. But mostly I'm inspired by the whimsical, by dreams or things I wish to dream.

what is your greatest fear?

My greatest fear is losing the people in my life that mean the most to me if it's not the right time.

How can you describe your style?

I'd say my style is whimsical and magical, bringing internal thoughts and ideas to life.

If you had magical powers (breath underwater/ fly/ be invisible) what kind of pictures would you be taking?

I would teleport to all the most stunning places on earth and take photos from spots that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

How important are props to you?

Props are so important to me!! I wish I had a bunch more magical props.

What do you like to do on your free time?

I love to sing and spend time with the people I'm close to.

Colors or black and whites?


Can you share a before and after 

Here's just a couple shots from before this photo I made and the after:



How important networking to you? Having other Internet friends from other sides of the world.

It definitely is important to me! I don't like to depend on Internet friends, but I like having them! I know some amazing people. <3

What would you advice young James that picked up her camera for the first time?

Keep taking photos, always take photos. Don't be afraid to experiment and do whatever feels right.

What is next for James?

I'm going to continue the 365 challenge I'm working on right now. I should be done April 2015! :)

Find James at : Facebook -- Flickr

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