Saturday, 12 May 2012

Nine Photographers, One photograph! Photo collaboration

Few weeks ago I was approached by a photographer friend Chris Lane to be a part of a photo collaboration he's doing with other photographers!
the idea of the collaboration is that Chris Lane takes the photo and send it to us and we edit this photo with our own vision!

when I first opened the image I was scared and excited! scared because I've never edited another's photographer's photo before and was honestly scared that it might not end up like I wanted it to, excited because it's a new experience! I'm challenging myself to edit an image that I didn't take, didn't come up with it's theme and have to make it stand out next to the other images!  

I ended up getting completely out of my comfort zone by working mostly with colors.
I replaced the sky with a cloudy lighter sky and worked on the reds and blues in the image and try to make the contrast stand out!
I've been working with harder composting lately but decided to let this one simple!
even though I had the opportunity to see other photographer's twist on this image, I didn't change anything!
I was really pleased with the result and I loved everybody else's twist to this image!
here's a before and after 

Here's a closer look at the results:

Photographers who were a part of the collaboration:

and Me

It was a great experience and I can't wait to start another collaboration again!