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Photographer Giada Laiso interview

As I promised,
I keep bringing more interviews with both professional and aspiring photographers!
this time I was contacted by the photographer for the interview and was more than happy to do it!
her name is Giada Laiso, she's 21 years old from Milan, Italy...

Closer look to Giada,

-Introduce yourself
I'm Giada Laiso i'm 21 years old and i study New Technologies of Art
in academy in Milan.
I went to high school of Art and I studied painting for five years and this has greatly influenced my photography style. 

-Who has inspire you the most in terms of photography?
I think that paintings inspire me very much..because they are part of
my life and some things like point of view, lights/shadows effects and
more are strictly connected with photography.
So i love Caravaggio's use of the light and i'm fascinating by
Magritte, his paintings looks like photographs. I also love Hopper,
Dalì and Max Ernst style.

-What is your favourite style of photography?

I love surrealist and conceptual photography.

-What style of photography do you find challenging ?

Photography is challenging because you have to be creative to do it,
but i think that every kind of photography it's hard because in every
cases photographers must be original otherwise you fall into banality
and this is not what photography supposed to be.

-What do you look for in a model?

I look for the ability to interpret what I want to express, confidence
with me, naturalness.

-Name other photographers you admire.

Tim walker, Gregory Crewdson and more more more others.. their style
is so inspiring.

-Who are your biggest supporters?

My family and my boyfriend give me big support.

-What do you enjoy doing other than photography?

I love reading, listen to music, dancing, walking and shopping :)

-What are some of your favorite films, books and musicians that keep
you inspired?

One of my favourite films is Shutter Island, Everlost by Neal
Shusterman is my favourite book and i love Max Richter, Harold Budd
and Robin Guthrie's music..very "mystic" and inspiring.

-Do you think that you have your own personal signature ?

I try to combine painting with photograpy, create mistery. I

portraying people..the genre of photography that i create is what I am
most interested in.
I hope to leave a mark.

-What scares you the most?


-Tell us a weird fact about you,

huhh sure!
When i set the alarm clock I don't select times such as 10:00 am or
10.30 pm like normal people usually do...but my alarm clock is always
at times like 10:03 am or 10:28 pm .. My boyfriend thinks that I'm not
very normal about this fact.

-If you could create the perfect camera what features would it have?

Autofocus that works perfectly and everytime, nothing's worse than an
out of focus shoot.

-Do you recommend any websites for photoshop tutorials?

Mmmh i don't know, i don't follow websites for photoshop tutorials..i
try to learn by myself experimenting.

-What is your favorite photo taken by another photographer?

I love the series "Dream House" by Gregory Crewdson, one photo in
particular involves me so much: there's a man and a woman naked on a
mattress in an abandoned house's garden.

-What is your favorite photo taken by you?

"How distant your heart, how close your soul" This shot represent the
union between painting and photography.

-Do you think its hard to be unique and have your own style in

It's not hard to have a personal style because it's an innate quality,
i hope to be inspired forever and i hope to become unique and

-Do you prefer shooting indoors or outdoors?

I prefer shooting outdoors, find new particular locations makes me
very happy..i prefer nature like woods, rocky areas, paths and fields.

-Is fame important to you?

I hope that photography will be my job, fame is not important if you
do what makes you alive.

-When you first started at photography, what were the mistakes you made a lot?

At first i didn't know how edit my pictures in the best way basing my ideas.

-Name people you enjoy working with models or other photographers 
or people you wish to work with both models or photographers.

If i had the possibility to work with fashion models i'd like to
combine my stile with fashion photography,
if i had the chance to collaborate with a famous photographer i'd love
to work with the amazing Jill Greenberg.
Anyway i hope to collaborate with creative people.

-Any new project you're working on?

"Painting" series is my new project, i'm working for the first time in
square format.

-Being a photography student, do you feel the need to always follow
certain rules?

I'd just like to follow what I love to do, free from any rule.

-What frustrates you the most about the world of photography?

Be overestimated or underestimated.

-If you could have anything ( photography related) what would it be?

I can't wait to be able to buy a Canon eos 5d mark II.

-If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Certainly not in Italy.
Anywhere away from traffic, in nature and seascape.

-What kind of photography gear do you use?

I’ve a Canon EOS 500D, to realize my images I use manual mode,
18-55mm, 50mm or 75-300mm lenses and sometimes a tripod;
for special shots I use a fisheye 8mm. For post-production I use Photoshop CS4.

Links you should know:

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For any kind of request to Giada email her at:


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