Saturday, 7 June 2014

Announcement!! Announcement!!

Hello everyone!!

yes! I'm still alive and I'm back after abandoning my blog for two years!! TWO YEARS!! I know I'm horrible at keeping up with social media!!
but I'm here now to announce that I'm coming back with new materials and things!!

I've added some new categories and more topics to make up for my absence!

here's a little look,,,

Reem's Dream Journal 
 where you can find personal blog posts, some things that have personal value to me!

Reem's Book Reviews
I'm very happy to announce that I am going to start writing book reviews!
I've been reading a lot of books in the past two years and I can't help not to share my thoughts about them!

Randoms and Rants
Here you can find random things that don't fit any category or just me ranting about something or someone!

Reem's Product Reviews
From now on I will be reviewing products!! since I do a lot of beauty/ fashion photography, I know a thing or two about beauty products and also photography gear! so whatever you need to know, you can find it right here!

Reem's Little Creations 
I love to create new things and it's about time I share that with the world! I will be sharing ways to recycle and create awesome things from little items that are available at your home!

Watch out!! I could be posting any time :)

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