Monday, 14 July 2014

Intervew with Adnan Nawaz Khan

Feel like going on a trip?

I came across this photographer for a while now, It's not really like me to follow street style photographers but once you see the photos you'll understand.

Here we go 

- Introduce yourself.
Hi I am adnan, born and raised in Pakistan, lived for some time in london and currently in Netherlands.

- How did you find your passion for photography?
I have the curse or blessing whatever you like to name it , of having an observant eye, I am always noticing things around me, simplest things attract me and I always like to document things around me, I got a chance to work with few fashion photographers and that’s when I really started it as a hobby, gradually I started doing architectural shots since you know how rich the city is with its glorious build.

- Going through your photos I really felt like I was travelling with you, how do you make sure you "capture" the right moment?
At times it just happens in a blink of eye really, I end up capturing things as I witness them, at times I would see a perfect corner for a photo opportunity but would wait for people to walk by so I can make them part of my story, for me my pictures are a way of telling my story and my journey, it’s a simple thing but I know if you keep things simple and just put them across , people can take it from there . I leave a lot for imagination and it creates a sense of journey for the viewers.

- While travelling do you find yourself reaching for your DSLR or your Iphone more often?
I am guilty as charged for reaching out to my iphone, it has become my go to gear, it’s just fast, and for the kind of style I have it’s all about capturing moments as they happen and in light speed really.

- What was your favorite place to photograph?
so far Rotterdam and Breda have been fascinating here. But apart from them i love photographing London.

- Are you strictly a Street style photographer or do you see yourself doing other types of photography (composites) for example?
I actually did experiment a lot, I tried doing conceptual shots since there always are ideas running around through my head but somehow street style is what I love doing .

- Who inspires you in terms of photography?
I am an indecisive person, lots of things inspire me, many people , friends , colleagues and obviously renowned artists and their work, I can’t really name any one specifically, I like looking at and learning from anything or anyone that inspires me.

- Where inspires you in life?
Oh, my mother the most I guess. She is a balance of everything amazing about life.

- You seem to be a book lover, what is your favorite book ?
choosing a book would be like choosing between breathing without oxygen. The kite runner, raja gidh (in my native language urdu), Alchemist and Khalil jibran’s the prophet are to name a few.

- What music do you like to listen to?
I am into sufi music, but I really can listen to anything at all , depends on what kind of mindset I am  in.

- Who are your biggest supporters?
Well,I guess my friends and family obviously.

- Not so long ago you were added to instagram suggestion list, tell us about that?
 yes, that was a opportunity that came my way after my picture was selected from the world insta meet held for the Amsterdam region, it felt good to be acknowledged like that.

- Do you have any tips for travelling with gear?
Always travel light, don’t go for fancy gear , know your absolute strengths first and choose accordingly.

- How long have you been doing Europe Diaries?
It’s been half an year almost, I started soon after I arrived last year.

- You also created karachi diaries, how in love are you with your culture?
Very much, culture defines who we are, and being part of Karachi, the biggest multicultural urban city is amazing, you get to witness an outburst of cultures and traditions with mix of everything modern and in between as well.

- Is there any other diary your planning to start in the future?
I do have some collaborative work planned, you’ll have to bird watch my instagram to know about that.

- If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you do?
After Europe i would love to explore south american countries, specially Peru to explore the ruins of Machu Picchu.

- You happen to paint as well as you photograph, have you ever thought about combining these two skills together ( like use stylus pen and photoshop to draw over your photographs)?  
Yes, I have tried doing that  and I am planning on something but I wont give that away right now.

- Have you made any online "photography" friends?
A lot, that’s the best part about all of these social platforms that you get to meet like minded people with crazy talent, I have made amazing friends all around the globe and learned a lot from them as well. 

- How did photography change your life?
I think it widened my thought process more, it makes me think and challenge myself as to how I can improve more, it’s a competitive world, I like to push my self and do better each day than before. Also the people I've met and the experiences I shared with them have been life altering in most cases.

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  1. Nice one Adnan! I met this guy on social media, its been more than 2 yrs i guess that we have been friends, never met in person but he is always an inspiration for me! The way he observes life, appreciates those brief moments and make them immortal, simply speaks why our earth despite all that misery, chaos and death is still a place of human compassion because of people who show us life from a different perspective. Lately i have been observing his pictures have evolved into a new message, creations of man waiting, urging and dying for human touch!
    Great man, brilliant photographer and once ill meet him in person im sure he will be larger than life!
    So long brother! It was gud to know ur side of the story!
    Best of luck!

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