Thursday, 17 July 2014

Photographer Anna Theodora Interview

Anna Theodora 

 I'm not sure I can put a label on Anna, given my experience with her I'd say one of the most humble, down to earth ridiculously talented photographers I know!
I'm very lucky to have the opportunity to ask her few questions and share them with you guys,

Introduce yourself 
Well, my name is Anna Theodora, I'm a Brazilian photographer. I've been doing photography as a hobby since 2007, but started working as a photographer in July 2010. 
When I started I was using a Canon T1i, now I use a Canon 5D Mark ll.

What is your ideal camera (doesn't have to be real)
That would be one with the same dynamic range of the human eye 
If you had to choose one lens what would it be?
probably the 35 mm 1.4

Do you prefer natural light or flash?
I actually like working with both, even though I've been working with strobes for one year only.

Indoors or outdoors?

Self portraits or models?

You are very attractive and expressive in your self portrait, have you ever thought about modelling for somebody else?
I don't think there are many photographers that like to pose for other photographers haha I most of all, don't like to.

Do you like working with models? Can you name your favorite model?
I love working with models, it's usually lots of fun. But I don't have one favorite model, there are quite a few that I love working with.

Who do you think is overrated as a photographer or model?
I don't usually think of these things, but then I remembered there's this Terrence Richardson person...

Do you like using actions?
Yes, I always use actions :)

Describe your favorite image taken by you.
I can never pick one single absolute favorite for anything haha everything has some kind of emotion or memory attached to it.

Describe your favorite image taken by another photographer. 
Same here

Do you like shooting weddings?
Nope, I shot a few in 2010 and decided that's not what I wanted to do.

If you could be anything other than a photographer what would you be?
a writer, maybe...

Do you read any photoshop related books/ articles or watch any online tutorials, if so please link to them
It has been a long time since I read anything, but I learned a lot from Natalia Taffarel's dvd on skin retouch.

What are you still learning? 

Did photography effect your fashion and style? 
It sure did haha I've started to be a little more aware of how to style myself. 

you've recently dyed your lushes brown locks to icy ones and then blue, what a daring move, tell us about that,
I had never done anything to my hair, so I decided I should, before I get too old to be fooling around with my hair like that. It was also obviously for photos/self-portraits, but then I got super busy with work and didn't have much time to take self-portraits. Bummer :(

it also seems like the change of your hair color had effected the "mood" of your self portraits 
I felt free 

If you can photograph anyone or anything in the world who/what would it be?
I would really love to photograph the whole world haha I love traveling. And there are also quite a few models that I would love to work with one day. Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne are two of them.

 What inspires you the most? 
Music inspires me the most, but books and movies too... and arts as well.

Who inspires you the most?
I never have just one source of inspiration, there's a lot of talented and inspiring people around.

How can you describe your style?  
Some people have said that there's a kind of innocence in the sensuality I picture. And a little bit of a sense of "laissez faire, laissez aller, laissez passer" 

If you had magical powers (breath underwater/fly/be invisible) what kind of pictures would you be taking?
I had always wanted to be able to fly. I'd be taking some crazy landscape pictures.

If someone asked you how can i be you, what would your answer be? 
Why the hell would you want to be anybody else other than your best self?

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  1. Anna and her art portraiture are favorites of mine. Such verve and careful attention to detail. A true master of light, her future only looks brighter!